Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Odunlade Adekola Is Not My BabyDaddy— Bukola Adeeyo Cries Out

Nursing mum and actress, Bukola Adeeyo has decided to address the rumours surrounding the paternity of her baby.

Bukola had the baby in June 2017 in the United Kingdom and is yet to return to Nigeria.

The Abeokuta, Ogun State-based actress, who has not disclosed the father of her baby girl  has always been rumoured to have been in an amorous affair with star actor, Odunlade Adekola, who helped with her career success. 

Odunlade Adekola
Many blogs (not Kemiashefonlovehaven) wrote on Tuesday when she stepped out with her baby in London, that Odunlade Adekola fathered her baby, Janelle.

On Wednesday, she took to Instagram to address the issue:

Hello world, I hope everyone is doing well this season.
To my fans home and abroad, I appreciate you all for the love and supports, may the almighty God bless you in all ways. There is this saying that ‘a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.’
I Bukola Adeeyo wants to seize the opportunity to clear the doubts and the rumours that has being spread around the world (that Mr. Odunlade Adekola is the father of my baby) Hell No!Mr Odunlade Adekola is my Boss in the movie industry. Nothing of such ever came up between us. The intimacy between us is that of a Boss and a worker and not that of a husband and wife. I won’t indulge myself into paternity fraud or paternal discrepancy for any reason. The truth of the matter is that he isn’t the father of my baby.I am not too young to have a baby and I see nothing wrong  in not disclosing my Husband’s identity. I keep the Reason to myself alone. I do not want to share this at first, but the rate at which the rumour is being spread prompted me to voice out and make it clear to the world  that Mr Odunlade Adekola is not the father of my baby. Thanks, God bless.” (sic)

Odunlade is happily married with four children (all boys). 

The duo (Odunlade and Bukola) had always claimed a father-daughter relationship.

Even when Odunlade sent a congratulatory message to her on the birth of her baby girl, Bukola responded by calling him daddy.

Before she welcomed her baby, Bukola took time off acting for a while and was not seen at any public function, not even on location when her baby bump began to show.

As a matter of fact, her spiral rise in the make-believe  industry especially in clinching juicy roles that placed her ahead of others, have been attributed to an alleged adulterous relationship with Odunlade, who churns out movies several times in a year. 

Adeeyo starred in a good number of movies alongside the award-winning actor which include, ‘Alani Pamolekum,’ ‘Samu Alajo’;‘Sunday Dagboru’, ’Monday Omo Adugbo’, ’Abike Standing’, ’Fere sise mi’, ’Eminirekan’ etc.

Couple, 91, Dies Together After 65 Years Of Marriage

An elderly Dutch couple kissed goodbye and died holding each other’s hands in a rare double euthanasia. Nic and Trees Elderhorst, both 91, said it was their final wish to pass away together after 65 years of marriage.

According to reports, the couple both felt they could no longer live their lives due to ill health and didn’t want to go on alone if one of them died. Nic had suffered a stroke five years ago and needed to take a gruelling course of antibiotics every day to keep himself alive.

Trees had cared for her husband in recent years while seeing her own health slowly decline. The couple had previously filed for euthanasia and, after Trees was diagnosed with dementia earlier this year, doctors felt the conditions for them to end their own lives had been met. .

The couple shared one last kiss before passing away together hand-in-hand on June 4.

“It soon became clear that it could not wait much longer,” the couple’s daughter told The Gelderlander. “The geriatrician determined that our mother was still mentally competent.

However, if our father were to die, she could become completely disoriented, ending up in a nursing home.

“Something which she desperately did not want. Dying together was their deepest wish.”

Another daughter added: “They gave each other a big kiss and passed away confidently holding hands. According to their own wish.”

Airforce Officer Who Killed Girlfriend Bags Death Sentence

Remember  Kalu Bernard?

He is the Airforce officer who killed his girlfriend earlier in the year.

The Nigerian Air Force sentenced to death by hanging, Airman Kalu Bernard, for killing his lover, Solape Oladipupo, aka Shomzy Shomzy, on March 12, 2017.
The judgment, which started 9am on Tuesday, dragged till 4pm when it was stood down before the panellists reconvened at 7.30pm.

Reading out the 70-page court findings, which lasted for about two hours, the Judge Advocate, Flight Lieutenant M.A. Umoh, listed the eight-count charges against 21-year-old Kalu to include murder, house breaking, impersonation, attempted murder, among others.
 The defence counsel, Abimiku Ewuga, urged the court to temper justice with mercy, saying the accused was his family breadwinner.

The President of the court, Gp. Capt. Elisha Bindul, who found the accused guilty in six out of the eight counts, sentenced him to death by hanging, subject to the confirmation of the conveying authority.

Ewuga later told reporters that he would appeal the judgement. Kalu had on March 12, 2017, killed Oladipupo at her Corporal and Below Quarters, Compound 9, Air Force Base, Makurdi, on the suspicion that she was in a love relationship with another man.

Mathematics Of Marriage As Written By The Adeboyes

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has been married for 50 years now to Mrs Folu Adeboye.

He was 75 in March, while his wife clocked 69 in July.

They have four children.

What has made their union so successful?
Kemiashefonlvehaven reports.

1.They fast and pray together.

2. He gives moral support in the kitchen and  also advises on which food needs more seasoning or salt.
3.Adeboye never leaves Nigeria and is never more than a 2-hours’ drive or flight away from his wife on the month of her birthday (July 9). This is one of the promises he made to her when they got married.

4.He still gives monthly household expenses fees to his wife and even increases year by year.

5.Daddy G.O also gives his wife monthly self-maintenance allowance.

6.When he is at home, he kisses his wife every morning and prays for her even before coming out to see anyone else.

7.He always buys matching watches, suitcases etc. Everything he needs to get, he always makes sure he gets her own version of it.

8.He  always puts his wife first before his children.

9.He has never stopped appreciating his wife for her sacrifice over the years and putting her dreams on hold so he could become who he is today.